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Making Time

I’m a scheduler.  I have spent lots of time making all kinds of plans and schedules.  I love having a schedule written out for me so I can see at a glance what my ideal day looks like at any given time.  I can see when to start lessons, what time to eat lunch, and my favorite: when to tell everyone that it is “chore time.”  I know when I expect to get up and get going every morning.  I know when I plan to sleep every night. 

Notice that I said I schedule what my ideal day looks like.  I can be terrible about keeping to my well-planned schedule.  Well, maybe not terrible, but not so great at it.  I am admittedly lazy.  A quality that I am not fond of but don’t have much motivation to change at this point, likely due to said laziness.  I would much prefer lying on the couch knitting or reading a book or reading blogs on my laptop all day to pretty much anything else; or even better, knitting while listening to a book on librivox…heavenly! 

This is why I need to have a written schedule to keep me on track.  Thankfully, I’ve also been blessed with a son who has a daytimer inscribed in his brain to keep me on track when I forget to consult (or choose to ignore) my well planned out schedule.    

Even though I don’t always stick to it exactly, my schedule helps me stay productive when my natural inclination is to be a loaf.  There are a lot of things that a stay at home, homeschooling mom has to do to keep household running and children educated.  Twenty four hours is just not enough some days.  

But despite my lazy laid-back nature, I am motivated to serve my family well by feeding them well and so I expend lots of time and energy loving them by preparing excellent food.  (Unfortunately my love for them hasn’t motivated me to be the immaculate housekeeper I dream of being…yet).  My schedule helps me make sure that I am getting done what needs to be done so I can serve my family in the kitchen, nourishing their bodies with the foods I prepare.  It is a sacrifice, to be sure.  Sometimes I just don’t feel like starting a loaf of bread in the bread machine or I don’t feel like switching out the water kefir, even though both of these things take all of 3 minutes.  I just want to kick back and veg out in front of the TV (which is why we got rid of it….I couldn’t help but indulge and would waste hours filling my mind with nothing of significance). 

But I do start the bread and I do switch out the kefir and whatever else needs to be done and I am satisfied that I made the time to serve my husband and children in a way that will impact their future health for the better. 

 What are some ways that you make time?

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