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Nourish your Spirit

I woke up this morning to this wonderful reminder  of the importance of being spiritually fed every single day.  Sara at Healthy Families for God talks about The Word of God being our spiritual food.


“Getting our daily bread is important.  Our bodies can’t live without food.  Without our spiritual bread, our spirits die”.


What an important analogy.  How can we expect to grow in our walk with the Lord if we are neglecting the most important thing He uses to reveal himself to us…his Word?  How can we expect our spiritual life to thrive if we are not nourishing it?


How about starting your day with a good, hearty spiritual breakfast and continuing with spiritual meals and snacks throughout the day?   I love Sara’s family’s habit of reading the Word while sitting down for meals. Our family enjoys a time of Bible reading together during our homeschool day and before bedtime, although I have to admit sometimes life gets in the way and we too easily neglect this time.

My thanks goes out the Sara for this much needed reminder.


What about your family?  How do you get spiritually nourished?  

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