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Too Busy to Cook

We Moms are busy.  No matter what stage in life, how many children, whether we homeschool or not, carving out extra time in our day is downright hard.  I get asked all the time how I find the time to cook most of our food from scratch.  The answer for me is simple time management.  Making a time budget has been so helpful to me see the big picture of what needs to get done each day.  

 As much as many of us would like to add more time to a day, there are only 24 hours and so many necessities that have to be fit in to those 24 hours.  When you take a look at how you spend your time throughout your day, you might be surprised at how many time wasters are gobbling up your precious and valuable time.  When I gave up watching TV, I found all kinds of time I never thought I had before.  Talk about a productivity increase! 

Take a good look at how your 24 hours are spent on an averageWhat time wasters can be taken out?  Which things can be done more efficiently to take less time?  How much time can you really spare to minister to your family by feeding them better?

Feeding my family nourishing food is a priority, so for our needs I expect that I will spend a total of 2 hours per day in the kitchen and plan for that.  Some days I spend far less time in the kitchen thanks to meals I have made ahead.  And on a rare occasion I’ll spend more than my planned 2 hours if I have the extra time available and get inspired.  I also plan a “kitchen day” each week and plan for more time in the kitchen on this day to get extra baking or bulk cooking or any other tasks done that will make the rest of my week easier. 

You might have difficulty finding 2 extra hours in your day, let alone fathoming spending all that time in the kitchen.  You might only be able to spare 1 hour per day.  That’s okay!  There is a lot that can be done in one hour, even if that hour is broken up into 20 minute segments.   Even if your schedule is so tight that you can only spare 30 minutes of your day to dedicate to feeding your family, there are still things you can do in that time that will make a great impact on the health of your family. 

All said, we have to work with what we have.   And usually if something is important enough to us, extra time seems to magically appear as we cut out things that are not as high on our list of priorities.  With some planning and preparation anyone can prepare fresh, wholesome meals and nourishing snacks even on a tight time budget.  No, not gourmet cooking, but simple healthy nourishing foods that bring health to your family.

 How do you manage your time for kitchen work? 



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  1. I love the idea of a “kitchen day” every week. I’ve been thinking about doing it for several weeks, but my problem isn’t so much a lack of time, it’s a lack of energy. At the moment, I’m eight months pregnant and anemic, so standing for any length of time isn’t an option. I’m thinking that I could improvise by moving most of the cooking stuff into the dining room and sitting in there to do everything except the actual cooking… I’m going to try that this week! :-)

    • I used to bring a stool into the kitchen quite a bit to sit while I worked when I was pregnant and dealing with fatigue, I got the Kitchen Day idea from the book Large Family Logistics. I also have a Laundry Day, Shopping Day, Garden Day, Office Day, Cleaning Day and REST Day…my favorite!

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