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Be Reminded of God’s Promises

I have a new favorite blog.  It’s called 365 Promises and you can find it here.


I am so excited about this because, as I shared a couple weeks ago in a post called Nourish Your Spirit, I’m hungry for more spiritual food.  Like many moms, my time in the Word of God sometimes gets put aside as I tend to my seemingly never-ending “to-do’s” and to all the little people I call my own.  Unless I wake up in the wee hours of the morning before anyone in the house is awake, I find it hard to get my spiritual food for the day.


Oftentimes I am great about waking up early and when I do I love the feeling of peace and refreshment that I start my day with having gotten to spend time in prayer and studying the Scriptures without interruption. But sometimes it just doesn’t happen and I struggle to find time during the day to be able to read when my brain isn’t too frazzled to comprehend the words on the page.


I adore the simplicity of 365 Promises…it’s a total match made in heaven for me.  I see it as a sort of “spiritual snack” to meditate on during those times when I haven’t managed to get my “spiritual meal” and am hungering for at least something to hold me over.


Every day is a new promise taken straight from the Word of God, personalized for emphasis.  Each day’s promise is followed by a mini-devotional that short but rich.  It has been such a blessing to me to be reminded of God’s promises each and every day; so much so that I just had to share with you all. I hope it’s a blessing to you as well.

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