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Find Real Food Near You

One of the biggest obstacles to eating Real Food, that I hear of frequently in speaking to people, is simply finding where to buy it.  It is difficult to find high quality, unprocessed, natural and organic foods in the local big chain grocery store.  Most of what is found there is processed, denatured, chemical laden “food”.


Even the products labeled “organic” that cost an arm and a leg are often not much closer to being real food than the conventional stuff.  Sorry, but buying a box of organic, whole grain cereal is not much different than the conventional stuff.  Yes, it is a better choice, but it is still heavily processed.


As more and more informed consumers are choosing to skip the stores as much as possible the need to find high quality food elsewhere grows.  Unfortunately we can’t just walk into the local big chain grocery store and get things like grass fed beef, pastured eggs or raw milk.  And if, by chance, these things are available there they likely come with a hefty price tag.



Thankfully there are some excellent online directories for families who are looking for Real Food resources in their local area.


Eat Wild has a database of over 1300 farms in the US and Canada that sell grassfed meat, eggs and dairy.  In order to be listed on Eat Wild, farmers have to certify that raise their animals according to very high standards that ensure their products are safe and nutrient dense.


Real Milk is a wealth of information about the benefits of fresh, raw, unprocessed milk as well as the legal status of buying/selling real milk in each state.  Their resource directory can help you find a real milk source near you in the US, Canada and several other countries around the world.


Local Harvest and Eat Well Guide are both extensive online directories of farmers markets, small family farms, CSA’s, food co-ops and other sources of local foods in the US and Canada.


When my family first started on this journey to healthier eating and living, I was pleasantly surprised to find many places to find Real Food in our area of seemingly endless suburbia.  Check out the links and see what you find near you.


Do you know of any other resources to find Real Food?  Please share.  


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3 Responses to Find Real Food Near You

  1. Thank you for linking up to Your Green Resource. I just found out about a raw milk distributor in my area. It still makes me nervous though. Need to take that leap of faith!

    • Have you looked at the realmilk website? There is a ton of information on there about raw milk safety. I had a lot of questions too when we were thinking of making the switch.

  2. Great post! I think locating real food sources is one of the biggest obstacles for many people. The difficulty in locating suppliers adds to the idea that it is expensive and prohibitively time consuming to eat this way!

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