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Monday Is Meal Planning Day! 10/17/11

I’m struggling with some lack of inspiration on this Meal Planning Monday. You know what I mean…I’m sure you’ve had those days too.  I seem to have a good ride for a couple of weeks and then I dip down into the land of the uninspired for a bit.  Well, here I am but I still have a household of 6 people to feed this week who would appreciate more to eat than raw vegetables and yogurt.

If you haven’t seen one of my meal plans before, you might think it looks a bit sparse.  It is and I love it that way.  Simplicity is a necessity for me to keep my head on straight.  Due to all of the food issues in our house, our choices are limited but I do my best to make things everyone loves with what we have to choose from.


To see what we do for lunches and snacks, go here and here.



Breakfast: Dutch puff

Dinner: Due to a late, and HUGE lunch, dinner will be very light and pulled from our snack menu.


Breakfast:  Baked oatmeal

Dinner:  Hamburger casserole, mashed cauliflower


Breakfast:  veggie frittata

Dinner:  Roasted chicken, roasted veggies


Breakfast:  Yogurt and fruit smoothis

Dinner:  Chicken and veggie stir fry over rice


Breakfast:  Scrambled eggs

Dinner:  homemade mac and cheese for kids, veggie sticks, leftover soup for mom


Breakfast:  Homemade gluten free waffles

Dinner:  Pumpkin soup, GF flatbread, tossed salad


Breakfast:  Hardboiled eggs and fruit

Dinner:  Spaghetti and meatballs, veggies



Please ask in the comments below if you would like to see any of these recipes posted.  Thanks!


Take a peak over at Keeper of the Home for other meal planning ideas.  This post is part of the Plan It-Don’t Panic Meal Planning Challenge.  

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