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Will You Let Them Help?

Find me on Modern Alternative Mama today to read what I have to say about training up little kitchen helpers.  


I’m a loner at heart.  I work better alone when I can concentrate and focus on what I’m doing.  I love to cook and I spend a good amount of time in the kitchen every day.  I can be so productive if I’m by myself with my own thoughts and ideas, following the beat of my own drummer.  But my reality is that I’m a mom of 4 children and we homeschool.  Being alone is just not an option, so I’ve had to learn ways to get my work done with my children around.  And, amazingly for me, I’ve even learned to enjoy having them in the kitchen with me as I’ve taught them to be great helpers in the kitchen.


When my older children were small and they wanted to be underfoot when I worked in the kitchen I saw them as a distraction, an obstacle to my work.  I spent a lot of time frustrated, frazzled and worn out because I felt like I couldn’t get anything done.  The hours leading up to dinner would spiral into chaos frequently because of my lack of ability to balance my desire to cook fresh, homemade meals and my need to tend to my children at the same time.  I would try to use the TV as a babysitter, which did work sometimes to keep them occupied, but often they would just migrate back to the kitchen to be with me and the chaos would continue.  I tried keeping a special activity box that would only get pulled out when I was cooking.  The box was full of fun things they could do without my help that would keep them occupied while I cooked.  That backfired pretty quickly when that special box became the dumping and throwing box and created a huge mess for us to clean up after my kitchen work was done.


The fact was, my children just wanted to be with me.  Children want to do what mommy is doing, they want to be included.  As my family grew and the mealtime chaos grew, I needed a solution.  I was trying to keep them away from me so that I could work.  I realized that I needed to find a way to include them in the kitchen work so that their need to be with me would be met and I could get my tasks done without all the stress.


Join me over on Modern Alternative Mama today as I talk about teaching young children to be helpers in the kitchen.  If you’re a mother worn out by the pre-mealtime chaos, come on over and get some ideas on how to include your children in your kitchen work, bringing more peace to your home and making little hearts happy.


Do you have ideas on how to include your little ones in the kitchen work?  Please share….I love hearing from you!


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