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30 Day Fitness Challenge

Exercise…is it important to you?  I’m almost too embarrassed to admit that exercise has not been on my radar for a very long time.  You would think that for someone as interested in health as I am, that physical fitness would be a top priority.  But I have to confess, it hasn’t been and I have been convicted lately about my state of physical un-fitness and my lack of interest in improving my condition.


I have reasons…excuses, rather.  Or, I should say I had reasons.  But those reasons are in the past and for some reason I’ve been holding on to them as excuses to not make changes.


In the past I suffered from fatigue.  Not just as in being tired and wanting a nap, but as in the bone crushing fatigue that made it feel as if my limbs were weighted down with heavy weights and just getting up and moving took considerable effort.  When I attempted exercise during this time period it was a complete fail.  I would crash immediately after the workout and it would literally take me a couple of days to recover enough to even be functional again.


But that’s in the past.  Because of the healing journey I’ve been on I have my health back, glory be to God.  But do I really have my health back if I’m still neglecting the condition of my physical body?  I don’t think so.


I have been inspired and encouraged by some friends who are “into the fitness thing.” I’m thankful to them for bringing to my attention my unbalanced approach to health. Yes, the food we eat is important and focusing on health giving, nourishing, real food is one essential aspect to health…but not the only thing.  Being in good physical shape is another essential aspect to health and cannot be neglected if we truly want to feel our best and enjoy all the benefits of a whole healthy body.


I have decided to commit to a fitness program for 30 days.  I’m planning (hoping, praying) to be motivated enough by the end of the 30 days to continue, but in order to avoid overwhelming myself I’m starting with a small goal.   My plan is to workout 4 days a week doing the T-Tapp Basic Workout.  It’s a workout designed by a rehabilitative trainer with people with chronic health issues in mind.  I’ve done the workout several times before and I know it’s do-able for me.  After 2 pregnancies on bedrest and no real training program to recover afterwards, my body is physically weak to say the least.


I’ve been feeling so great for the last 9 months or so with only dietary changes that I’m almost giddy thinking about how much better I can feel once I get my body into good shape.  I’ve lost 30 lbs in the last year and have no more weight to lose or else I’d be heading into the “too thin” camp.  I’m actually expecting to put on some pounds as I build muscle mass.  No more squishy-squashy belly for me…it’s gotta go.  I’m excited and motivated, even more motivated now that I’ve just made my commitment public. Nothing like a little fear of public humiliation to keep a person motivated…haha!


Start date: December 1, 2011    End date:  December 31, 2011


So, who wants to join me?  It’s always easier to stick to something when you have someone else to help keep you accountable.  




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  1. I am joining you. My plan is to walk at least 10 minutes a day. I am also looking at some strength exercises to do every other day.

  2. Maria-Socorro Villarreal

    I am in a place in my life where my health has been compromised after 5+ years of chronic depression/anxiety. I was 101 lbs. Now I am 96 lbs. My blood sugar and cholesterol are very high, my vitamins D is very low. I walk 45 minutes four times per week and exercise with bands and hand weights three times per week; however, the nutritionist said it is not enough. I am not developing muscles. So this is their plan: I took blood work to detect allergies, hormone levels, and levels of B-12, Folic, etc. I have to meet a certain amount of calories each day. All this is a blessing because finally a doctor is listening to my needs and I am going to learn to eat healthy and live healthy. I must acknowledge that since I am on low reserve energy, I am struggling to get up and exercise. But I will do it today. At this time I can’t afford a personal trainer which was recommended by the doctor. So I am going to increase the exercise days to five days per week. Wish me luck.

  3. Waving hand wildly! I am in! This is just what I have needed. My T-Tapp DVD has been sitting here (the basic 15 minute one that I think you have!) I have done it a few times but so hit and miss. I am with you, sister! Let’s go!

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