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Accidental Aloe

If you know me, you probably know of my perpetual struggle to grow something that doesn’t die off before its time. I’m certain I’m going to figure out how grow a successful garden one day which is why I keep trying over and over and over again.  I figure my gardening ventures can only get better over time, and in the meantime I’m getting tons of experience on what NOT to do.


So, in some strange turn of events for this wannabe green thumb, I have a thriving aloe patch in a narrow patch of dirt between my house and my entryway sidewalk.   Of course, this aloe patch is purely accidental.  If I had actually planted it there, I’m sure it would have shriveled up and died ages ago.


It started when a sweet neighbor gave me some aloe that she pulled from her garden a few years ago. It was just a couple of  tiny plants.  I tossed them out on the back patio into a planter full of soil that had a shriveled up tomato plant in it.  My intention was to get back to them and plant them as soon as I got a chance.  Well, that chance never presented itself to me (or rather, I totally forgot about my intention) and the little aloe plants lay baking in the Florida sun on top of the old soil of a neglected tomato plant.


Since we don’t use our backyard much during the scorching summer months, those poor little aloe plants endured total and complete neglect for months and months.  When I finally took note of them again months later, you can imagine how shocked I was that they had actually taken root in the planter!  Completely amazing since I remember when I tossed them back there, I literally tossed them.


My husband took pity on the determined little aloe plants and brought them around to the front of the house and plopped them in a little patch of dirt near our front door that once had a tidy little row of mexican petunias, but was now just dirt and mulch.


I have no idea how long ago that was…I’m thinking maybe 3 years ago.  Well, from those couple little neglected aloe plants we now have many nice, plump and prolific aloes that continue to fill in the long, narrow patch of dirt despite the fact that they are still neglected.  These things reproduce like crazy! I’ve given many little aloes away to friends.  My children, in one of their many  entrepreneurial ventures, cut the largest leaves and sold them door to door to gracious neighbors.


Now I’m interested in finding some good use for all this aloe.  I’ve been making more homemade body products and I’m thinking fresh aloe might be a wonderful addition. So, next on my list of things to learn…how to best use this amazing healing plant.



If you enjoy the benefits of fresh aloe in your home I’d love to hear how you use it.   Please share here.




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