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Such is Life…

So it may seem that I have forgotten that I have a blog, or at the very least that I only remember it intermittently.  Not so.  I think about it often and miss spending loads of time on it.  But life is happening faster these days and by day’s end I find myself falling asleep snuggled under a pile of kids and books.  The best place to be, ever.



I’m looking forward to sharing new thoughts and ideas soon.  I’ve got a lot brewing in my brain that I can’t wait to share.  Natural and Nourished Family is going to be taking on a wider scope to include all things “natural living” related.  My original intent was to focus this blog primarily on food (with some other related natural living stuff added here and there) but I’m realizing that if I really want this to be a true representation of who I am, I need to include ALL that stirs me.


I’ve been spending lots of time in my garden (yes, it’s growing well so far!) and increasing my knowledge about herbs and their multitude of uses.  I’ve been making homemade bath and body products with the purest, most natural ingredients.  I’ve been continuing in my long-time habit of making all natural homemade household cleaners and have been tweaking my recipes a bit to make them a bit more pleasing to the senses.  I’m delving more into essential oils and how they can be used the home as well as for healing.  To sum it all up, I am continually amazed at God’s creation and the wonderful bounty He has given us to nourish ourselves, not only in the foods we eat but also in the plants we can use to promote health in our bodies.



So don’t wander off.  Stay tuned for some good stuff to come.  In between memorizing multiplication tables and U.S. presidents, reading The Little House Series, field trips to the beach and the park (and all the other things that go along with homeschooling) I will be carving out some time from doing the things that I love best, to do another thing that I love…spending time here at Natural and Nourished Family.



As always I love comments, questions, ideas.  Feel free to share your thoughts here.




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  1. Great Looking Blog! I look forward to reading more about the natural products that you are developing and using.

    God’s Peace!

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