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How To Create Your Own Gluten Free Flour Mix

While searching the web for a good gluten free muffin, I came across something that has changed my method of gluten free baking.  In a recipe for whole grain gluten free muffins, Shauna from glutenfreegirl.com throws in an explanation of why she no longer uses guar gum and xanthum gum that are typical in GF baking.  The gums are in nearly every gluten free recipe, flour mix and prepared product that I have seen.  I have long been suspicious of these gums and have wondered if they could be omitted, but haven’t wanted to risk ruining my finished product in order to find out.


Well, I’m so thankful for glutenfreegirl because she has totally done the work for me and now I’m happy to pass it on to you.  She shares a basic ratio of flours to starches that give a consistently good result in the finished baked good.  And no gums are needed!


The basic formula is 70% flour (brown rice, sorghum, millet, etc.) and 30% starch (tapioca, arrowroot, potato, and white rice flour).  I have been using this formula to try out different combinations and have found a mix that I’m very happy with.  It even performed well in my Chocolate Cake recipe.


I make a big batch of this gluten free flour mix so that I don’t have to pull out all my flours and starches every time we want to bake something.  I also now mix my flours by weight as recommended by glutenfreegirl.  I find that this works well for me the way my mind works and I just happen to have a digital kitchen scale.  If you don’t have a scale, you can probably work this out by measurements just keeping the ratios in mind.


My 70% flours portion consists of half brown rice flour and half sorghum flour.

My 30% starch portion consists of half tapicoa starch, one quarter white rice flour and one quarter arrowroot flour.


So, if I’m going to make 1000 grams of gluten free flour mix my ratios would look like this:

350 grams brown rice flour (flour)

350 grams sorghum flour (flour)

150 grams tapioca starch (starch)

75 grams white rice flour (starch)

75 grams arrowroot flour (starch)


This is absolutely my new favorite gluten free flour mix.


Do you have a favorite gluten free flour mix that you make?  Please share.




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