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Learning to Share

I’m learning to share…yep just like my 3 year old.  While she is learning to share toys, I’m learning to share my space in the kitchen (and my kitchen “toys”).  It’s a process.


I like my space.  I like to have it all to myself, I’m selfish like that.  But God, in all His wisdom, has given me plenty of children to cure me of that selfishness.  =-)  My dear firstborn has made me learn to share my kitchen. I’m so thankful that she loves it in there.  I’m trying my hardest to teach her everything she needs to know so that she can have free reign.  Now my third born is making his way into the world of cooking. He’s only 5, but he’s ready and willing to do anything that needs to be done.  I can hardly crack an egg without him rushing to my aid.  He drags the step stool all around the kitchen with him as he mixes, pours, rinses, scrubs, scrambles and sautees.


You would think that after the last several years of this, I would be used to having eager children helping me in the kitchen.  It is true, I am embracing my children’s love of cooking and I am encouraging them and teaching them as much as I can.  I am looking forward with eagerness to the day when I can hand the reigns of meal planning and cooking over to these two chefs-in-training.


But in the meantime, I must share.


I must give up my desires to work alone with only the thoughts in my head.  I must talk my way through the steps of everything I do so that the little ears  and eyes by my side can soak it all in.  I must patiently wait as little hands take 5 minutes to do what I could do in 60 seconds.  I must let go of my mental checklist and embrace the questions, distractions, interruptions.


I am so thankful that God has placed in my children a love for something that I also love. To have that similar bond is priceless.   I am even more thankful that I am blessed with the opportunity to teach my children things that excite and inspire them.  What a perfect inspiration for me to put off my selfishness and learn to share.  God is so good.


Any tips on teaching children to be self sufficient in the kitchen?  Please share here.




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