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My Little Garden is Thriving!


This is a big accomplishment for me, the one who has a history of killing plants in droves.  Well maybe I’m not that bad, but I have had a lot of frustration trying to transform myself into Mrs. Greenthumb.



So far, so good this season.  I’ve got spinach, beans, zucchini and carrots in our raised beds.  Watermelon and sunflowers are in the ground.  Cilantro, purple basil, rosemary, lemon balm, chamomile and lavender are in pots.



The watermelons seem to need a little something to help them along, but I’m not quite sure what.  They’re a bit stunted in their growth it seems. I added lots of compost and manure to the soil (or sand, really), but maybe not enough?  Hopefully I’ll get that figured out soon.



The sunflowers have survived the dog this season.  Last year he thought they were fun to munch and they didn’t make it very long.  Thankfully, he’s pretty much grown out of the must-chew-everything puppy stage and my plants only have me to contend with now.



I am so encouraged by how well things are doing and am hopeful that I really am finally getting the hang of this gardening thing.  I’ve been harvesting spinach for the past couple of weeks now for salads and smoothies and it feels great to eat homegrown organic veggies that I go out and pick myself.  It can’t be beat.



How about you?  How’s your garden growing?

Also, if anyone has any ideas about how to help my watermelons along, please share.  Thanks!





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  1. Carmen I have extra at the house.

    Homemade Bug Spray
    Per 2.5 Gallons

    1. 1 squirt dishsoap
    2. 3 tablespoons baking soda
    3. 2 cups pepper mint
    4. orange peels
    5. Hot peppers 2 cups
    6. Onions 2 cups
    7. Garlic 2cups
    8. Thai Ginger 2cups

    Using a straining sock
    Chop up peppers, ginger, & orange peels
    Bring peppers, ginger,peppermint & orange peels to a boil in a large pot.
    let mixture cool, then add blended (in a blender with some water) garlic & onion let steep in the sun for 2 days. Add the rest of the ingredients, strain & your done.
    Put mixture in a pump sprayer or Hand sprayer.

  2. Be careful not get it in your eyes. You can also dry all the vegies & blend in to a dust to spread around the bases of the plants. The best thing to use ladybugs you can find them online. They will eat all kinds of bugs. Make sure you release them at dusk when its raining or run a sprinkler. This will force them to find shelter or they will just fly away. They should lay eggs if they have a good food source. Once they have had there fill they will leave and hopefully you will have eggs for next season.

  3. Great tips Mike! Thanks for sharing!

  4. For the watermelon try bone meal & blood meal.

  5. Great garden Carmen!

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