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Unpleasant Reminders

It’s funny how God works.  I’ve been feeling super run down lately, almost fatigued, despite continuing on the anti-inflammation diet that I’ve been on for the past 15 months.  I have added dairy in a little bit here and there –I just can’t seem to stay away from BUTTER sometimes– but it’s been only occasionally and I wouldn’t think that alone would be enough to bring back the full on thyroid symptoms.


It started with a trip to an Asian Buffet a little more than a month ago.  I tasted some beef ribs that were on my son’s plate.  Oh, they were good! Mouth watering good.  Usually I am extremely careful about what I eat and make sure I know exactly what is in my food so that I can avoid my triggers, especially gluten.  Well, in this moment of crazy weakness I succumbed to the desire for instant gratification and heaped a plate full of the delicious ribs and ate them all.  And to top it off, I passed by the tray of sesame donuts and just could NOT resist.  Ugh!


The next day my stomach was in knots.  For almost two weeks after that I suffered intermittent nausea and pain.  Trying to figure out what was wrong I thought back to my unbridled devouring of those beef ribs, which were undoubtedly marinated in a soy-based marinade.  Double whammy for me…most soy sauce has gluten and I’m allergic to soy itself.  And the sesame donut…I can’t even try to make sense of that.


Ever since then I haven’t felt well.  My stomach recovered, but my energy level has plummeted.  I’m back to needing a nap in the afternoons in order to make it through the rest of the day.  I’m back to moving lethargically through my day, not having the energy to get the bare minimums accomplished.  Basically, I’m heading back to a place where I worked so hard to get out of and never ever want to be again.


So the past few days I’ve been praying about what to do and today I came across this article titled The Toxic Truth About Gluten Free Food and Celiac Disease.  I do not have Celiac Disease that I know of (didn’t want to go to the expense of the intestinal biopsy it takes to get a definitive diagnosis).  But I am highly gluten intolerant and so I have been gluten free for a couple of years now.


It’s a pretty heavy article, be warned.  But full of excellent information on why “gluten-free” products you buy at the grocery store are definitely not health foods.  In short, they are still processed junk and eating them not only robs you of the benefits of eating Real Food, but also creates more damage to an already damaged gut.


Which brings me to this:  15 months ago I went through a six week detox process and cleaned up my diet of all foods my body is intolerant to and foods that cause inflammation.  For years I have eaten a very healthy “traditional foods” style, Real Food diet which made the changes easier since I wasn’t in the habit of buying much in the way of processed foods. I got better by leaps and bounds.  I felt alive again after 2 years of feeling like I was walking around halfway dead.  That is, until the restaurant incident last month.


But I missed an extremely important component of regaining my health.  I continued feeling great through avoidance of triggers, but the first time I had a weak moment and consumed gluten and soy it has sent me in a downward spiral.  It has not been real health I have been experiencing for these past 15 months, but simply the avoidance of symptoms.  I’ve been avoiding foods that cause inflammation in my body, including my thyroid, and my thyroid symptoms have been gone.  Once I re-introduced some of those foods my thyroid symptoms have returned.


So what now?  Some of you may remember me going back and forth ad nauseam last year about doing the gut healing program called the GAPS diet.  I knew that I needed more than just the elimination diet to really heal, but life got busy and I got complacent.  Just doing the gluten free/anti-inflammation thing was working for me I thought, but really I was walking on eggshells.  Well… now I’m going to take the plunge.


I’m not looking forward to it.  Between my dietary restrictions and my daughter’s, going on an even more restricted diet is not at all appealing to me.  But, I can look forward to the fact that GAPS is only temporary. Even better, it has the potential to bring such healing to our bodies that we might someday be able to have a moment of weakness and not have to suffer the consequences for weeks or months on end.


I’m thanking God for His answer to my specific prayers.  I asked “what do I do from here” and He answered by plopping this article about why going “gluten free” is not sufficient right in my face.  I totally needed this reminder about the importance of healing the gut.   Now I am ready to tackle it.


Anyone interested in doing GAPS with me?  I’m going to take the next week to plan and prepare.  I’ll update on Facebook when I’ve chosen a starting date.


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  1. Carmen—

    I will do this with you. Me and my family. :)

    • Great! I’m planning to share my meal plans once I have it all worked out. I’ve got my freezer stocked with chicken stock already and I’m making a huge pot of beef stock right now. After I go to the farmers market this weekend, I’m going to spend the day getting lots of veggie ferments started. Do you have the GAPS book?

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