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Week 1 of GAPS: So Far, So Good

Just a quick update to encourage anyone who might be thinking about GAPS….it’s really not so bad. I was freaking myself out about it and I have to say that I was worried for nothing.


My family has only missed grains a little bit and sugar a little more than that. I’m totally missing potatoes, but I’ll get over it.


The food has been great and although I do have to plan more than usual it’s not much more cooking than I am used to.


We’ve come up with some creative ways to eat our favorite foods minus the grains, such as tacos served on romaine lettuce leaves instead of a taco shell. My kids went crazy for this, so much so that we ended up having it again two days later.



Banana "ice cream" topped with crispy walnuts and coconut flakes

Strawberry banana "ice cream"


Oh, and who has ice cream for breakfast? We do! We do! Frozen bananas blended in the Vitamix make a wonderful frozen treat. My kids were over the top excited to be getting “ice cream” all the time even though they knew it was just bananas (and sometimes berries too).


So far, so good.  I’m still working on this weeks menu (a little late again), but I’m confident that we’ll quickly be acclimated to our new way of eating.




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  1. Yay! So glad that this is going well for you. I love all of the things you are talking about eating. I do the taco’s wrapped in lettuce and same thing with burgers and sandwiches – lettuce! I don’t even think twice about it anymore. And love the banana ice creams, and the strawberry too in the vitamix. We do that too! Thinking and praying for you guys!!

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