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Finally, a Garden I Can Call a Success!



After sooo many gardening failures…err… difficulties, followed by a couple of seasons of just mediocre success, we have finally had a successful season of gardening.  This is exciting news!  Our entire garden consists of two 4ft x 4ft raised beds, one 4ft x 8ft watermelon patch, a small flower patch and some potted herbs.  Obviously not big time gardening here….but success nonetheless.  =-)




Here in Florida, we’re wrapping up our Spring gardening season and getting ready for the summer heat.  Not much grows here in the summer.  I could plant okra and sweet potatoes if I really wanted to be working in a garden in the blazing heat and melting humidity, but I’m not at all interested in doing that.  So, essentially my gardening season is finished until late September.  I’m ready for the break.




I’m happy with the October through May growing season, it’s nice to take a little time off each year.  I’m trying my hand at growing a cover crop in my little plots this summer.   Cover crops (aka “green manure”) are a great way to replenish the soil, add nutrients, keep weeds at bay and build the soil’s resistance to disease.


After a bit of research, I’ve decided to plant Sunn Hemp which the best crop for adding the most nutrients to the soil.  It also grows quickly and looks pretty.   Well see how it goes…


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How is your gardening coming along?  I know many of you are just getting started for the season.  I’d love to hear about it.



3 Responses to Finally, a Garden I Can Call a Success!

  1. Beautiful bounty! We’re on season 1 of our first garden and not doing so well. Our poor sunflowers are sun stems! I hope we progress as well as you have. :)

  2. Nice harvest!

    You should really think again about planting sweet potatoes. They are know to be one of the most nutritious and EASY to grow foods that can be grown in N. America. They hardly need any care whatsoever once they get established (which doesn’t take long).

    I’m in the midwest, it’s unusually HOT and we are having a bad drought. We are having to work very hard not to lose our almost acre sized garden. All our veggies are crying for water (we are irrigating some areas and hand watering others) Except the sweet taters… They look wonderful!

    Well, whatever you decide, sweet potatoes, cover crop or both… Have fun and thank our Father in heaven for all.

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