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Help Me Choose a Logo

Hi friends.  I have an exciting new venture coming up!  Natural and Nourished Family is continuing to grow in more ways than I ever imagined.


I love this little blog about natural living and I love creating non-toxic and healthy products for families…so these two loves are becoming one.  =-)


Natural & Nourished Handcrafted Organics will be opening up soon!  I’ve got a great line up of totally natural, handcrafted, organic skincare that  not only feels wonderful on the skin but is also deeply nourishing with herbal infused oils and essential oils.  I am using only the best ingredients I can get my hands on and am committed to keeping high quality organics top priority.


I would love your help in choosing a logo for Natural & Nourished.  Please take a look at these and cast your vote either in the comments section here or on the Facebook page. I value and appreciate your input…the good, the bad and the ugly.  Thanks so much!



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11 Responses to Help Me Choose a Logo

  1. I was tossing the idea around between “Organic Skincare” and “Handcrafted Organics”. My sister suggested “Handcrafted Organic Skincare.” I like it. But is it too long? What do you think?

  2. Michele Rearden

    Hey Carmen….I like Handcrafted Organic Skincare….It clarifies what you mean 😉 And…I like the top logo the best.

  3. I added a couple more options.

  4. I like #5 & #6 with “Handcrafted Organic Skincare” and I think #5 with the leaf is my favorite.

  5. I like #1. The Handcrafed Organics looks better to be. The longer one sounds beter, but the shorter is more eye apealling. Congrats on the new venture

  6. And number 2 would be cute for any kids related products

  7. I like #1. It definitely stands out. It’s not too wordy…which is definitely a good thing and you’re able to read the wording without being distracted by the artwork.

  8. I like #5 the best for adult skincare with the leaf logo. And I like #6 the best for child products.

  9. #3 and #5. I like the design of #3 as it is centered. however, dropping the skincare is risky as to what kind of organics is it? Food, jewlery, lotion, etc… and #5 because it too has a centered looked about it which is easy to read. I like the fact skincare is in this one.

  10. Daphney Cordeiro

    I like #6 best – the logo takes up less space and the sun catches your eye which brings you to the name. The leaf draws your eyes away from the name. Congratulations on the business Carmen! Let me know if you need any product pictures :) We can barter!!

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