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So, About That GAPS Diet…

Yeah, so about that GAPS diet.  Ugh, I hate to admit it…I fell off the wagon (or rather jumped off).


It seems I don’t do so well without grains.  At first I thought I was dealing with the typical “die-off” symptoms of detoxifying that everyone talks about.  I was falling into my old ways of zero energy, terrible irritability, and falling ill to every germ that came around.  But honestly, I’ve eaten such a clean diet and have doused myself with probiotic foods and drinks for quite a long time now I can’t imagine I would have such a detoxification to go through.


My next thought was that I wasn’t getting enough carbs.  I worked hard to keep up my carb intake with winter squashes, fruit, GAPS allowed beans and nuts.  Despite eating what seemed to be a TON of food (meats, broths, lots and lots of veggies, plenty of fats) I felt like I was starving all the time.  (Incidentally I gained a few pounds in the few short weeks we were on the diet).


It got to an almost intolerable point when I was struggling to stay awake through my days when decided to buy that gluten free pecan-rice bread at the health food store that I managed to drag myself into one day.  Lo and behold, a couple pieces of that low grain (rice only) bread and my energy started coming back.  Since then I’ve been eating small amounts of rice and rice flour and feel so much better.


Hmm…could it be that my body just won’t tolerate a grain free diet??  I don’t know.  I need to do some more research on this and see what the deal is.  My daughter seemed to be doing fine on the diet so far.  The rest of the family was eating GAPS at home, but eating “normal” food out of the presence of me and my 9 year old (we are the two who need GAPS).


So we’re on a new plan for now until I can get this figured out.  I’m calling it our “halfway GAPS plan.”  Continue on with the bone broths, lacto-ferments, probiotics and other healing foods.  Continue avoidance of refined sugars and processed foods.  Allow small amounts of gluten free grains (just a few times per week) and maybe an occasional potato.


No, not totally off the wagon and I’m sure what we’re doing now is still healing.  Not the super productive healing I was looking forward to though.  We’ll see how it goes.


Any thoughts from you all who have been there, done that with GAPS about my experience?  I’d love to hear what you think.





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  1. You know, I’m always wary of the one size fits all approach, whether it’s parenting, education, or food. I think we all have our own unique bodies that process foods in their own unique ways. Listen to your body. I realize that sometimes processed foods and sugars will trick our bodies into thinking we need something that we don’t. But If you have already been eating healthy, then you probably do need some grains or other root vegetables.

    • Yep, doing much better since going back on grains. It’s disappointing to not be working full force toward the goal of eliminating the food allergies, but encouraging that we’re still taking steps toward gut healing even if they are slower steps.

  2. came across your website looking for GAPS type recipes. I’d love to try it but “they’ say you have to really do it 2 or 3 years to see the benefits of a healed gut and i’m afraid i couldn’t do it for 2 or 3 weeks… so just trying to decrease our sugars and increase our protein. nice blog though

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