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Lavender and Geranium Hard Lotion Bar

I’ve been making hard lotion bars for a while.  I love to give them away as gifts because people love these little things.  The pure ingredients are very nourishing to the skin.  I frequently get comments on how soothing these lotion bars are for irritated and problem skin.


Since I’ve started adding essential oils to the lotion bars, people have been calling me begging for more!   One friend is excited because she’s finally found an aid to an ongoing skin problem that nothing else has helped.  The Lavender and Geranium essential oils seem to be nourishing and promoting balance in her skin.  Another friend let me know that it worked beautifully to soothe her baby’s irritated bottom after a day of tummy troubles and frequent dirty diapers.  These are just a couple of the glowing reviews.


I like to add lavender and geranium essential oils because they are both excellent oils for the skin and smell heavenly when blended together.


Lavender has seemingly endless uses for all different body systems, but for the skin it is amazing to soothe and aid in recovery.  The smell is heavenly, and when used in skincare it soothes the mind as well as the skin.


Geranium essential oil  is another all around useful oil with myriad benefits.  Specific to skin health, geranium is helpful to promote clear, healthy skin.


So you can see why lavender and geranium are excellent choices to add to an already good skin care product to make it amazing.  The ingredients for this recipe are simple and making the hard lotion bars is extremely easy.


Hard Lotion Bars with Lavender and Geranium Essential Oils


4.25 oz beeswax

2.25 oz unrefined shea butter

2 oz  unrefined cocoa butter

5.5 oz coconut oil



Melt the wax, butters and oil together in a double boiler.

When completely melted and mixed thoroughly, stir in 10 to 12 drops each of lavender and geranium essential oils.

Pour into molds and allow to cool completely.


**Ideas for molds:  Muffin tins or any shaped mold.  I have recently started using empty deodorant containers to use with the hard lotion bars and people love the easy application.


Who’s making this?  I’d love to hear your experiences.







3 Responses to Lavender and Geranium Hard Lotion Bar

  1. Carmen, how many bars does this recipe make and approx. what size? Planning some homemade Christmas presents.

    • It depends on what you are using for the mold. At my last class, we used mini deodorant tubes and it filled 12 of them plus about a dozen mini muffin cups.

  2. I made these last night and can’t wait to keep a few and give some away for Christmas!

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