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Want to Change your Gardening Approach? Watch This Film…


Have you seen Back to Eden?  I have heard about it for a while, but hadn’t made the time to watch it.  I figured it was just more gardening “stuff” to jumble around in my already jumbled up brain.


You see, I love gardening….or rather I WANT to love gardening.  I do love the idea of gardening and I love feeding my family from our little backyard harvest.  But gardening is so complicated.  If you’ve followed along this blog for a while, you know that I have had way many more gardening failures than successes.  I feel like for years I’ve been trying and trying and doing and doing.  I’ve blamed my struggles on the climate, lack of proper knowledge, lack of time, etc.


I’ve read lots of organic gardening books and websites.  I’ve spent a ton of time planning and preparing.  We spent a ton on money building our raised beds and filling them with the “perfect mix” of materials.  I had settled on the Square Food Gardening technique because we have a small backyard and I wanted to maximize our yields.   We drove an hour away to get the proper material to fill our raised beds.  I followed the book step by step…and we got good results from it.  It took a LOT of watering and extra pouring on of compost tea though.  This past spring was my first really good garden after all these years of trying.  But, boy, did our water bill skyrocket for a few months.


So after watching Back to Eden last night I feel like this heavy weight has been lifted off my shoulders.  I no longer feel like I need to know everything about which plants like which type of soil, how to properly rotate plants from season to season, how much to fertilize, how much to water, how to prevent insects and disease.  I no longer have this frustration at how difficult it is to figure out how to live more sustainably.  I now realize that it doesn’t have to be so complicated.  We have over-complicated gardening so much that what used to be “just part of life” for most people is now so hard to reach for so many.


I feel like my eyes have been opened to this new freedom in gardening.   I’m excited about simplifying everything and seeing how it works.  I’ve heard of those people who can just pretty much throw things in the ground and watch things grow.  They prune and weed and catch unfriendly bugs, but they’re not constantly watering and fertilizing like I seem to have to do.


Fall planting season for my Zone 9 garden starts the end of this month and I’m so excited to try this new (actually very very old) method of gardening.  If you haven’t seen Back to Eden yet, I highly recommend it.  You can watch it free here on the website.  If you love it and want to share it with others, you can purchase a DVD as well.


Do you have a Back to Eden garden or something similar?  Tell us about it…



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