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A Little Bit of Me….


You might not know this about me, that my background is in working in the field of natural childbirth.  I was a Birthworks® certified childbirth educator, birth assistant for some amazing midwives and ceritifed lactation counselor for several years.  I was blessed to work in a freestanding birth center alongside other women who supported and honored God’s design of the female body and the intricacies of the birthing process.


My hats at the birth center varied over the years as my own family grew…when I could no longer be on call to assist at births, I moved my focus to teaching classes, helping new moms with breastfeeding and assisting in the front office.  No matter what hat I was wearing, no matter what role I was fulfilling, I was always blessed to be a part of a family’s childbearing experience.  New life is always a new miracle, no matter how many times you experience it.


I LOVED my job, my employers, my co-workers and all the families we served.  I loved being around all the pregnant mamas, expectant daddies, excited older siblings.  And the thrill of when new baby arrived into the open arms of family never got old.  The problem is, I loved all of that at the expense of loving my own growing family.  After my 4th baby was born, I was so eager to go back to work that I did so much earlier than my husband and I had planned.  I began to resent our committment to homeschooling because I would rather be at work than at home with my children.  Even though I only worked a couple of days a week in the office, my heart was always there every day.


It became clear that my priorities were out of balance.  With a heavy heart, I gave it all up 2 years ago.  I realized that my work was holding too much of a place in my heart above and beyond my priorities as a wife and mom.  I felt The Lord clearly telling me that this is the season for me to be fully at home focusing on nurturing the blessing of the family He had given me.  With our committment to homeschooling our children, it was quite a burden lifted off of my shoulders to be freed from dividing my time and attention between my home and my work.  But still it was an unwelcome break from doing a life work that was so fulfilling.


For a while I coped with giving up such a big part of my heart by just staying away from all birthy-related things.  It was too hard to be around it without throwing my whole heart back into it.  So I just put up a block and stayed away.  It even was hard for a while to be around my pregnant friends.  But God has done a good work in me and has blessed me abundantly in the 2 years since I have been fully at home.  I am so thankful for His faithfulness!  He has renewed a passion in my heart for following after Him and His plan for my life.  Our plans are not always His plans.  And as I’ve heard said many times, sometimes what is “good” can get in the way of what is “best.”


My time working in the birth field was definitely very good.  It was fulfilling to the core.  It was work with a purpose, helping people and making a positive difference in lives.  I will always be grateful for the experiences and the friendships that have resulted from those years.  But I am excited as His “best” is unfolding in my life and the life of my family.  I will be sharing more on what this means for our family in the future (different topic for a different time).


But for now I am pleased to say that I am ready get back to using my training in birth and breastfeeding to pour into the lives of others who are in that season.  No longer do I feel the need to block out that part of my life to cope with letting my work go.  I don’t yearn to be away from all that has been given to me, I actually relish the days of being home with my children.  I am finally fully satisfied in the role God has me in right now at home serving the needs of my family.  It is a blessing and a privilege that many women do not get to have and I am so thankful.  With that satisfaction and thankfulness for being exactly where I am supposed to be, comes a certain freedom to talk, teach, help and serve in a realm that I still love but is no longer a force pulling me away from my “best.”


So, happily, you will be seeing more posts on the topics of pregnancy, birth, babies and breastfeeding.  I can’t wait to start sharing more about having a safe, healthy and natural childbearing year.  It is such an important time in life and working to create better health is beneficial to mom and baby, not just in the short term but in the long term as well.




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Tell me, are there any topics that you would like to see discussed here on the topic of pregnancy, birth, babies and breastfeeding? I’d love your suggestions.  

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