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Time Saving Tip: Multiply Recipes

One of the reasons people default to convenience foods is the sheer lack of time.  We are busy people and spending time making things from scratch doesn’t always fit easily into our lives.  As much as I have tried to scale down and simplify, I still haven’t managed to squelch the busy-ness of life.  I know many of you are in the same boat.


If you are among the growing number of families that deal with food allergies or you simply try to eat healthy home cooked made from scratch food more often, you know that food preparation can take up a good portion of your day.  Part of the hurdle in eating healthier is this very fact.  Most of us have great intentions but just not enough hours in the day to fit it all in.


I want to share with you something that has helped me tremendously over the years.



I needed to make a gluten free cookie cake for a party, so I doubled the batch and stocked the freezer with 2 dozen cookie dough balls. Next time we want homemade chocolate chip cookies, we just need to take them out of the freezer and pop them in the oven.



I always at least double (sometimes triple or quadruple) recipes when I cook and bake.   Making a batch of cookies?  Double the batch.  Making a hearty soup?  Triple the batch.  If you have space in your freezer take advantage of things that freeze well….stock, soups, muffins, biscuits, pie crust, smoothies, cookies, quiche, meatballs…the list goes on and on.


I rarely make one single meal’s worth of food.  Some wise woman, to whom I will be forever grateful, clued me in on “feeding the freezer” some years ago.  Feeding my freezer is a habit that has become such an integral part of my life and necessity for maintaining the healthy eating habits that I’ve worked hard to instill in my family.  Feeding my freezer saves me precious time.  It also saves money…especially for those of us on restricted diets due to food allergies.  Specialty foods are very expensive and really not all that healthy.  Believe me, there is plenty of organic, soy-free, gluten free JUNK on the market.  Nothing is better than foods made by you with fresh, clean ingredients.  (Don’t get me wrong, we do sometimes end up buying the “healthier” junk from the stores in time when I get behind on keeping up with my homemade freezer stash).


If you are just starting out on your healthier eating journey are are completely and totally overwhelmed with the thought of cooking foods from scratch on a regular basis, I know that multiplying recipes will help you.   You can go crazy with bulk cooking if you want (I’ll have to tell my 12 lbs of meatballs story sometime soon), but it’s not necessary.  Just make what you normally make times 2 or 3 and freeze the extras for a day when you don’t have time to cook.  It’s simple.


Clear out some freezer space and try it this week.  What’s on your menu?




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  1. You’ve inspired me! Thanks, lady:-))

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