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Giveaway! Modern Essentials…The BEST Book on Essential Oils

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Modern Essentials:  A Contemporary Guide to the Therapeutic Use of Essential Oils



If I could only share one resource for learning about essential oils, this would be it.  Modern Essentials is a must have book for anyone who uses essential oils.


While essential oils are pure, natural plant oils, they are extremely powerful.  In order to use them in the safest and most effective ways, one should have a good resource guide on hand.


What I LOVE about Modern Essentials is that each oil is explained in full detail…chemical constituents, properties, common and historical uses, systems of the body affected, safety data and more.   This guide also includes details for the specific blends that doTERRA offers.  For you science lovers, there is a section that covers the science of essential oils explaining the chemical constituents and how they affect the body.  And for people like me who can’t get enough of making things, there are plenty of great recipes and ideas for using your essential oils in homemade cleaners, body care and even food (as always, only use a Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oil like doTERRA for internal use).


The thing that really makes Modern Essentials a must have for essential oil users is the A to Z Usage Guide.  Have an ailment or health concern?  It is super easy to find which oils might be helpful in the convenient alphabetical listing along with ideas on how to to apply.


I’m so excited to give away a copy of Modern Essentials to one of my readers.  Regardless of whether you are already using Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils in your home or you are just in the beginning stages of learning about essential oils, this book is going to be a great addition to your personal library.


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9 Responses to Giveaway! Modern Essentials…The BEST Book on Essential Oils

  1. i shared w my mom’s group

  2. I love lavender but would really like to learn about other healing oils.

  3. Just used eucyluptus oil last night

  4. I like tea tree oil!

  5. I like the wild orange, but I need more education on all of the others. to really know best and the book would sure help me to know so much more.

  6. I love tea tree and lavender…. But would like to learn a lot more about many others!

  7. thank you for the great offer

  8. Well I’m learning about Wild Orange right now and I am excited to try more!

  9. I know that the oils work. My sister shared some with me recently I used melaleuca on a cole sore and it healed much faster. I have some on hand in a little tiny bottle to keep from getting another. I think it is wonderful that you are giving one away.

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