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So, About That GAPS Diet…


Yeah, so about that GAPS diet.  Ugh, I hate to admit it…I fell off the wagon (or rather jumped off).   It seems I don’t do so well without grains.  At first I thought I was dealing with the typical “die-off” symptoms of detoxifying that everyone talks about.  I was falling into my old ways […]

Week 1 of GAPS: So Far, So Good

end of Apr 2012 033

Just a quick update to encourage anyone who might be thinking about GAPS….it’s really not so bad. I was freaking myself out about it and I have to say that I was worried for nothing.   My family has only missed grains a little bit and sugar a little more than that. I’m totally missing […]

Monday is Meal Planning Day! 4/23/12 (Full Gaps Diet)


  It’s taking me a little longer in meal planning now that I’m working with a new set of rules.  I know that once I get the hang of it and get my handy dandy Meal Chart adjusted for the GAPS diet, getting my weekly meal plan done won’t be so tedious.   Since the […]

Why GAPS Diet?

The long anticipated day of starting the GAPS diet is upon us.  It’s been probably close to a year that I’ve been mulling it over in my head if I could pull this off.  I don’t want to do it…at all.  I’m tired of food restrictions.  I’m so over all the label scouring and ingredient […]