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Homemade Vanilla Extract

2012-11-28 08.04.32

If you aren’t already making your own vanilla extract, you have got to put it on your “to-do” list.  Seriously, it is the easiest thing to do, saves you a ton of money and the flavor results are far above anything you can buy at a grocery store.   The most difficult thing for me […]

The Recipe

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Way back when, when I was first learning to cook, one obstacle to cooking healthy foods from scratch, for me, was “the recipe.”  As someone with perfectionist tendencies (though you’d never know it by looking at my house), following a recipe can be quite a challenge.  Making sure to get all the exact ingredients listed, […]

So Simple, So Good: Water Kefir

starting kefir

This post is part of REAL Food Wednesday at Kelly the Kitchen Kop. Who would’ve thought that a jar of sugar water can transform into an amazing, health-giving, probiotic beverage?  It’s true!  The sugar used to create water kefir is necessary for the fermentation process to occur as bacteria and yeast feed on the sugar […]

Simplify Your Meal Planning


I don’t know why, but for some reason meal planning has always been stressful for me. I know from experience that having a menu planned out for the week makes my week run more smoothly and helps keep me on track getting healthy meals on the table each day.  But even with this firsthand knowledge […]

12 Super Simple and Nourishing Snacks


Why have we bought into the idea that kids snacks must be something in the realm of goldfish crackers, animal crackers, granola bars, chips, cookies, gummies or another of the multitude of highly processed, not-really-food “foods” that line the grocery store shelves? Most of these items are not only void of any real nutrition, but […]