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Almost a year!


It is hard to believe that it has been almost a year since I have updated Natural and Nourished Family. A lot has happened in the past year which has kept my attention away from blogging and on life in real time.   Our family has grown. We grew from a family of 6 to […]

Giveaway! Green Polka Dot Box 1-Year Reward Membership

  Woot!  I am super excited to be giving away one free Reward Membership to Green Polkadot Box ($125 value)!!!     If you haven’t heard of Green Polkadot Box yet you are missing out.  Launched just over a year ago, this family owned business is dedicated to providing organic, natural and non-GMO products at […]

Pretty Party Food Makes My Girl Happy


  This was the centerpiece at my 4 year old daughter’s birthday party recently.   It was a total hit!  Every single piece of fruit was gobbled up by 9 little girls in princess dresses and tiaras.   In addition, the girls ate little heart and flower shaped PB and J sandwiches, flower shaped cheese, […]

It Looks Like We Have a Winner

  Thank you to all my friends who helped decide the new logo for the goodies that will be ready to go pretty soon!  I am so appreciative for all the input I received.  Between the comments here on the blog, the N&N facebook page, my personal facebook page and my email inbox, the logo […]

Help Me Choose a Logo

Hi friends.  I have an exciting new venture coming up!  Natural and Nourished Family is continuing to grow in more ways than I ever imagined.   I love this little blog about natural living and I love creating non-toxic and healthy products for families…so these two loves are becoming one.  =-)   Natural & Nourished […]

On Strengths and Weaknesses


I’ve had this ongoing struggle lately trying to make sense of something that really bothers me.  You see, I’m a tireless information junkie.  I love to read articles, journals, blogs, books, research, etc.  My idea of an exciting movie night is sitting down with a pad of paper and a pen in front of a […]

Tales From the (Science Lab) Kitchen


In the past few months my kitchen has turned into the likes of a science lab. The making of cold process soap is interesting for sure.  To be able to take a chemical (sodium hydroxide) and create the perfect environment for a chemical reaction to take place which changes it from a caustic chemical to […]

Such is Life…


So it may seem that I have forgotten that I have a blog, or at the very least that I only remember it intermittently.  Not so.  I think about it often and miss spending loads of time on it.  But life is happening faster these days and by day’s end I find myself falling asleep […]

Homemade Lip Balm

This was one of the first homemade body products that we made and it was a huge success.  This is a pure and natural lip balm and goes on silky smooth and makes your lips feel so soft and moisturized.  One recipe made 10 tubes of lip balm!  Making your own lip balm saves a […]

Saturday Links I Love 11/5/11


Ahh…Saturday.  What a relief to be here after a busy week.  On this lovely Saturday, my wonderful husband is giving me the gift of some time alone while he and our children go out on the town for the day.  As much as I love my role as a stay-at-home-homeschooling mama and am thankful that […]

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