Mama’s Milk

Mama’s Milk:  Real Food for Babies


Breastfeeding.  Nursing.  Baboo.  Nursie.  Num Num.  Mamas.  — Just a few of the names I have encountered.


This blog wouldn’t capture the real me without lots of breastfeeding talk.  Helping moms and babies with breastfeeding is one of my passions.  I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to turn that passion into a profession for a few years and had the privilege of working with many mama/baby pairs at the wonderful birth center where I worked and also as a volunteer for a breastfeeding support organization.


One of my favorite things about mothering is nursing.  I’ve been blessed to have been able to nurse all 4 of my children, some through very difficult circumstances, for what is considered in modern Western culture as an “extended” amount of time, although is actually the biological norm.


There are so many wonderful reasons to breastfeed and I could fill pages with all the benefits to mom and baby.  But the simple reason for me is that women’s bodies were created to make milk to feed their babies.  It simply the natural order of life.  Mama’s Milk is Real Food for babies.  Breast milk is a living food, full of antibodies, enzymes and beneficial bacteria as well as the proper nutrient balance that a baby requires.


The vast majority of women have the ability to nurse their baby.  Yes, there are some medical conditions which can make nursing more challenging.  I know, I have one of them and struggled to make enough milk to nourish my youngest 2 children.  But the main problem with breastfeeding is not a mother’s inability to breastfeed, but rather it is lack of information (and blatant misinformation) and/or lack of support. In a culture where breastfeeding has not been the “norm” for several generations, new mothers in the US find themselves facing obstacles that mothers in earlier times did not face.  See this excellent article  by Best for Babes that sums up perfectly how women in our day and age come into breastfeeding in a system that has set them up to fail.


Mama’s Milk is Real Food for babies.  They deserve the best.  If you’re a new mom struggling, a soon-to-be mom gathering information, or a future mom just curious at this point…welcome.  I intend to bring helpful information and resources to my readers to equip and inform.  Are you a mom wondering what went wrong with your last breastfeeding experience and want to know if it can be different with your next baby?  I hope this will be a helpful place for you…not a place of judgement, but a place of loving support.  I hope you feel my genuine, heartfelt desire to help you reach your goals with breastfeeding, whatever those goals may be.


I welcome comments and suggestions for topics related to nursing that you would like to see covered.  Look for new posts in “Mama’s Milk:  Real Food for Babies” every so often. You can subscribe by RSS feed or email to make sure you keep up to date with all the latest information.

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  1. I’m always so glad to see good information and encouragement for mamas who want to breastfeed! With my daughter, we had a very difficult time and nearly ended up with her in the hospital for something that should have been an easy fix. She latched on just fine in front of the lactation consultant at the hospital, but when we took her home, something was wrong and I couldn’t figure it out. I spoke to a LLL leader, 4 pediatric nurses and the hospital lactation consultant on the phone. They all said I was just an over-reactive new mommy and to just relax. By the time we got the doctor’s office to agree to see her (10 days after birth) she was so far under her birth weight that the doctor was about to hospitalize her! Thankfully, she first offered our baby a bottle and discovered that she was putting the tip of her tongue on the roof of her mouth. The only milk she got was what dribbled in. Once we managed to get her to put her tongue down, she nursed like a pro and we never had a problem after that! I’m so thankful for the encouragement of that one doctor, especially after being dismissed by everybody else! Mama’s milk really is the best thing for babies. :-)

    • I’m so sorry to hear about your rough start Justyn. It always makes me so sad to hear stories like yours…and I hear them way too often. No mom should be told she is over-reacting! Shame on those people…the LLL leader especially (I used to be a LLL leader).
      I have found in-person help absolutely essential when dealing with latch issues. So many times a second set of eyes will see something that is “off” that mom didn’t notice. Even experienced moms often need help. I needed help even with my 4th baby and I was already a LLL leader and a CLC.

  2. I have a question for you, I have a three week old, 2 and 7 year old. My 7 year old was my best nursing experience, both sides had great let down and he nursed for a little over a year. then with my second my right side never had great production, no reason why. and by 6 months I was barely getting anything on that side and Landon was mainly nursing only on the left. we had to supplement with homemade formula, it was a bummer.
    now with our newest bundle i was determined to not have a repeat but it seems to be happening again…I keep getting asked the same questions., trauma to that side, operations? but the answer is no to all of these things., I cant explain it, maybe you can offer some advice?
    Thanks for your passion., its posts like these that keep us going through rough patches!!

    • I have a Landon too. =-)

      Question for you: Is there a preference for the left side before the supply starts to drop on the right side? I’m wondering if it is a supply/demand issue? Sometimes a baby will prefer one side over the other and mom starts offering the preferred side first at each feed. If this happens in the early days/weeks of breastfeeding one side will be getting the bulk of the stimulation and the less preferred side will decrease in supply.
      If this is the case, focus on giving the low producing side extra stimulation by encouraging the baby to nurse more on that side, and pumping that side after feeds. Often times that alone will make a big difference.
      If you don’t think this is the issue, let me know and I’ll give you some other ideas.

  3. I nursed all my children until they no longer wanted to nurse and tandem nursed and nursed through pregnancy. It was nightmarishly difficult with my first and natural and easy with the others. It is one of the best experiences of having a baby and I do miss nursing so much now that I no longer have little ones! But we still have cuddle times and reading together!

    If you are a mother or mother to be who is reading this and if you are having difficulty nursing, get help from La Leche league or from a nurse practioner or lactation consultant. It may seem costly, but the savings in health care benefits far outway any initial financial outlay needed to get you on their right track. It will definitely be less than the long term financial cost of formual. It’s not easy to nurse initially, but it is wonderful once you and baby learn TOGETHER how to do it properly.

  4. my problem is my 6months old baby does not want any other milk aside from mamas milk. i’ve been trying to buy all kinds of nipple of the bottle just to let him feed but unfortunately he did not. i can feed only my baby at night since i am working, and the problem is the supply of my milk is not enough for him at night till dawn. what should i do to have more supply of my milk??

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