Homemade Vanilla Extract

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If you aren’t already making your own vanilla extract, you have got to put it on your “to-do” list.  Seriously, it is the easiest thing to do, saves you a ton of money and the flavor results are far above anything you can buy at a grocery store.   The most difficult thing for me […]



Pitfalls.  We all run into them at some time or another.   When it come to healthy living, pitfalls are unfortunately way too common.  How often have you heard of one study showing that eating “X” food is good for you, and then not too long after another study shows up in the media showing […]

Lavender and Geranium Hard Lotion Bar


I’ve been making hard lotion bars for a while.  I love to give them away as gifts because people love these little things.  The pure ingredients are very nourishing to the skin.  I frequently get comments on how soothing these lotion bars are for irritated and problem skin.   Since I’ve started adding essential oils […]

Want to Change your Gardening Approach? Watch This Film…


  Have you seen Back to Eden?  I have heard about it for a while, but hadn’t made the time to watch it.  I figured it was just more gardening “stuff” to jumble around in my already jumbled up brain.   You see, I love gardening….or rather I WANT to love gardening.  I do love […]

Simple Roasted Chicken

I was surprised to realize that I hadn’t posted my favorite dish here yet.  I just love a good roasted chicken.  It is so easy to make and so delicious. You can pick and choose whatever seasonings, herbs, spices you’re in the mood for.  My current favorites are garlic/rosemary or lemon/thyme.  Clipping fresh herbs from […]

Finally, a Garden I Can Call a Success!

may 2012 011

    After sooo many gardening failures…err… difficulties, followed by a couple of seasons of just mediocre success, we have finally had a successful season of gardening.  This is exciting news!  Our entire garden consists of two 4ft x 4ft raised beds, one 4ft x 8ft watermelon patch, a small flower patch and some potted herbs.  Obviously not […]

So, About That GAPS Diet…


Yeah, so about that GAPS diet.  Ugh, I hate to admit it…I fell off the wagon (or rather jumped off).   It seems I don’t do so well without grains.  At first I thought I was dealing with the typical “die-off” symptoms of detoxifying that everyone talks about.  I was falling into my old ways […]

It Looks Like We Have a Winner

  Thank you to all my friends who helped decide the new logo for the goodies that will be ready to go pretty soon!  I am so appreciative for all the input I received.  Between the comments here on the blog, the N&N facebook page, my personal facebook page and my email inbox, the logo […]

Help Me Choose a Logo

Hi friends.  I have an exciting new venture coming up!  Natural and Nourished Family is continuing to grow in more ways than I ever imagined.   I love this little blog about natural living and I love creating non-toxic and healthy products for families…so these two loves are becoming one.  =-)   Natural & Nourished […]

Be Informed of Your Options in Pregnancy and Birth


Consumer Reports did a great job of educating in this article that came out this week:  What to reject when you’re expecting:  10 procedures to think twice about during your pregnancy.   If you are currently pregnant or plan to have babies in the future, this article is a must read.  Many people don’t know that […]

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