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Pitfalls.  We all run into them at some time or another.   When it come to healthy living, pitfalls are unfortunately way too common.  How often have you heard of one study showing that eating “X” food is good for you, and then not too long after another study shows up in the media showing […]

One Simple Step Toward Health: Eliminate Chemical Additives


Are you intimidated by the monumental task of overhauling a lifetime of eating habits? Even though you know you truly want to eat better and feel better, does it seem an impossible task right now because you don’t know where to start and think you can’t afford to eat healthier?  If this is you, you […]

What is Real Food?


Have you ever wondered what people mean when they talk about Real Food?  If you read my blog you will hear me talk about it quite a lot.  If you know me you know I’m all about simplifying, and to me Real Food is just another extension of simplification.   “Food” is complicated. You want […]

Well-fed and Malnourished….Oxymoron?

Real Food-Pyramid

We can’t be malnourished if we’re well-fed, can we?  That doesn’t make sense.  If we’re getting enough food to meet our caloric needs, we certainly are getting enough nutrients, right?  Well, as long as we’re not eating oreo cookies and chips for breakfast, lunch and dinner….right? Many parents might be surprised to learn that, even […]

The Cost of Food


This post is the first in the series Budgeting for Real Food.  Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss future posts full of practical advice on how to incorporate real food into your budget.   Something I hear often is how expensive healthy food is.  So much so that many people claim cost as […]

So Simple, So Good: Water Kefir

starting kefir

This post is part of REAL Food Wednesday at Kelly the Kitchen Kop. Who would’ve thought that a jar of sugar water can transform into an amazing, health-giving, probiotic beverage?  It’s true!  The sugar used to create water kefir is necessary for the fermentation process to occur as bacteria and yeast feed on the sugar […]

Simplify Your Meal Planning


I don’t know why, but for some reason meal planning has always been stressful for me. I know from experience that having a menu planned out for the week makes my week run more smoothly and helps keep me on track getting healthy meals on the table each day.  But even with this firsthand knowledge […]

Mom on a Mission


I’m a mom on a mission. That mission is fueled by my child who, although diagnosed with three psychiatric/neurological disorders, is completely and totally normal and without symptoms as long as we keep her on a specific diet.  In our journey to get where we are today, I have learned a lot.  I want to […]

Too Busy to Cook

We Moms are busy.  No matter what stage in life, how many children, whether we homeschool or not, carving out extra time in our day is downright hard.  I get asked all the time how I find the time to cook most of our food from scratch.  The answer for me is simple time management.  […]

Making Time

I’m a scheduler.  I have spent lots of time making all kinds of plans and schedules.  I love having a schedule written out for me so I can see at a glance what my ideal day looks like at any given time.  I can see when to start lessons, what time to eat lunch, and […]