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Luxurious (and Simple) Whipped Shea Butter


Ahhh….what could be better than a light, fluffy whipped body butter?  It feels so luxurious to use.  Did you know that it is inexpensive and simple to make yourself?   I’ve tried my hand at whipped shea butter recipes before and most of them are all kinds of trouble.  Temperature measuring, heating, quick cooling….bowl back […]

Lavender and Geranium Hard Lotion Bar


I’ve been making hard lotion bars for a while.  I love to give them away as gifts because people love these little things.  The pure ingredients are very nourishing to the skin.  I frequently get comments on how soothing these lotion bars are for irritated and problem skin.   Since I’ve started adding essential oils […]

Tales From the (Science Lab) Kitchen


In the past few months my kitchen has turned into the likes of a science lab. The making of cold process soap is interesting for sure.  To be able to take a chemical (sodium hydroxide) and create the perfect environment for a chemical reaction to take place which changes it from a caustic chemical to […]

Homemade Lip Balm

This was one of the first homemade body products that we made and it was a huge success.  This is a pure and natural lip balm and goes on silky smooth and makes your lips feel so soft and moisturized.  One recipe made 10 tubes of lip balm!  Making your own lip balm saves a […]